PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, commonly called PHP, is a famous general-purpose programming language, which can be used to create dynamic sites with interactive components such as discussion boards, online learning sites or community websites. In comparison to static HTML-based sites, a PHP-powered site can serve different content to each visitor under the same exact URL. Because of the fact that PHP-based apps can be managed through one Control Panel, which you can log onto using any web browser, you will not need any programming know-how or prior experience whatsoever in order to run a PHP website. The fact that 100s of millions of websites all over the world are based on PHP is indicative of the popularity and the simplicity of use of the language. You must only verify if the web server where you host your website supports the very same PHP version as the one that you used while creating the site.
PHP 4 and PHP 5 Support in Web Hosting
Our web hosting servers support several PHP versions, which means that your websites will run without any problems even if your PHP scripts are outdated. We know that an old website does not necessarily equal a vulnerable one as you may have done plenty of mods to its code. That is why we support PHP 4, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 and you can choose which one will be active for your shared web hosting account. The version can be changed with a single click of the mouse through your Hepsia Control Panel and the update will take effect momentarily. If you wish to run both older and newer scripts, there’s even a possibility to use a different version of PHP for each domain name of yours simultaneously.
PHP 4 and PHP 5 Support in Semi-dedicated Servers
It’s our unvarying belief that several years spent creating a website shouldn’t go down the tube, which goes to say that in case you purchase a semi-dedicated server from us, you’ll be able to use any script, no matter if it is old or new. In stark contrast with lots of hosting suppliers, we support a number of different versions of PHP on our revolutionary cloud platform – 5.5, 5.4, 5.3, 5.2 and 4. Not only will you be able to enable the required version from your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, but you will also have the possibility to choose a different PHP version for each individual website. This can be done merely by putting an .htaccess file inside the root folder of the given site. You can change the current version both for a single website and for the entire account and the update will take effect in less than several minutes. With our web hosting services, you can be sure that you will never come across any website compatibility problems.